Clixpy Clone

Clixpy Clone
As clicktale, there is another service very similar called clixpy. ( : DEMO at

Before you continue reading, please review these two websites to understand what the concept is all about:


I’m looking for an experienced developer to create an screen recording website with all the basic functionality.

As you can see these are websites where users simply can register and get a javascript code which they add to their website in order to track user movements on site. The application must be able to track the following:

– Mouse movements and gestures
– User inputs
– Scrolling
– Where users click

Then, they can play the recorded session in a simple flash interface and have a couple of reports of time spent and others. (please, check the sites in details for all the funcionality needed)

All the data should be stored in a MySQL database.

Tracking JS code for different users/sites that tracks mouse movements and gestures, user inputs, scrolling, where users click
Store that information in a remote server running mysql/php.
Ability to play the user recorded sessions in flash.

No worry about the look and feel. This is not a design job. Any working example you can show to prove your expertise with this kind of tracking technology will be greatly considered.
Clixpy – consists of the JS, all the actions (onmousemove, onclick, onkeydown, onkeyup) and writes them in a stack, SWF-file ( / clixpy.swf), which is placed as JS script and receives from it the stack, sending POST data every 5 seconds on the php-script ( / clixpy_receiver.php). formatted script clixpy.js –

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