Eik Photo Upload + Bug Fixes.

Eik Photo Upload + Bug Fixes.
I have an existing database website that requires some bug fixes in the search function and also some ammendments to the site overall.

The small bugs/fixes that have been picked up over the last 6 months include:

+ Copyright year at bottom needs updating.

+ HTML Download/Email enhanced – Currently the search user can download the search results or have them emailed, however when they are sent, they are sent raw and it would look a lot nicer if it was sent in a html formating in the same style and layout as the website.

+ Delay in reloading “search.php” page after reviewing a list of results (the site takes 3-4 seconds to reload the entire page, as it seems to rebuild and redownload all the of the items. However if the previous search didnt produce any results, the page would have simply loaded instantly.

+ Ability to upload jpeg/pdf files (all same dimensions).

+ Automatic compression of jpeg/pdf files.

+ Ability to have uploaded files appear in search results.

+ Errors occur when the following search strings are entered:
++ [AC/DC] = Scripting Errors in results.
++ [Paul & Paula] = Fails to find any results when [&] is entered, however when [“Paul & Paula”] is searched, it works fine.
++ [Singin’ in the rain] = The search results are displayed with an eliminated space between “singin'” and “in”, so that the results would look like “Singin’in”.
++ [quot*] = In the search results replaces [“] with [“]

I would prefer programmers who have previously conduced work on any of my past projects.
Payment as usual is by 100% Escrow on completion.
This is a small project, so please bid accordingly.

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