Add Membership To Website

Add Membership To Website
Looking to offer membership in my existing php based website. The membership area will be mostly php based pages.


*Codes should be clearly documented.

*There would be ability to offer multiple levels of memberships:
a. Free membership (with opt-in for mailing list): Members would join by giving First Name, email address and repeat a phrase on displayed on screen (to avoid auto-script). Once joined, member will receive an email with username and password information. Member has option to retrieve forgotten password and set own password. Free members has access to limited php pages.
b. Pay membership (First level). Same as free member but will need to pay via paypal. Once paid, they will be provided email with link and password information. First level member will have access to all free member pages, but also extra pages exclusive to paid members.
c. Pay membership (Second level). Same as first level membership, but member will pay more annually to access to more exclusive pages to second level members.
d. The admin should have the ability to easily add subsequent higher level of memberships in the future.

*3 times of fail login would require user to enter an extra phrase appear on screen to deter hacking.

*Member will have a member account area where they could view they membership information, upgrade membership, view purchased history, etc.

*The administrator will have management area to view members information including level of memberships. Administrator can easily add or remove membership for members.

*The administrators will have easy way to maintain mailing list and easily mail updates to members in the list. Admin should have option to select particular mailing list. For example, Admin could send to just free members, just to first level members, just to second level members, just to paid members, or to all members, etc.

*Admin could do all sort of data retrieving like check total number of paid members, check number of join members (able to sort by dates, membership levels, member access histories, member purchase history), , etc.

*There should be a way to stop/track account sharing. Please provide suggestion.

*Payment is via Paypal. Once paid, membership should be auto setup and members would automatically receive confirmation email. If user cancel paypal payment during the joining process, the script should know and would not mistakenly provide membership access.

*There should be auto reminder of membership renewal and member should have the ability to allow auto renew in their account. There should be a way for the Admin to set the default reminder message in the Admin area.

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