Sobi2 Expert Automate Process

Sobi2 Expert Automate Process
Sobi2 expert wanted to automate a Cloning process.

Sobi2 and its Plugins can be cloned and an instructional manual has been supplied.

I would like to have this process automated into a simple desktop tool which can do the required approximately 15 steps:

All I would like the User to have to do, is to place the necessary files in a folder on the desktop and enter FTP login creds.

Then, with login credentials supplied, automatically pull the necessary files from the server, as well as from that desktop folder and execute the tasks.

User just puts the new clone name into the desktop tool and the script does all the rest, including down and re-uploading the altered files.

I require exclusivity and full copyright to the tool.

If you have worked with Sobi before, you will understand that the components need to be registered at least once (paid) in order to be cloned, and that part of the cloning process duplicates the registration credentials into the clone..

To be supplied

– Cloning Manual
– Cloning tool (Bash Script) and instructions

It is expected that the clones function faultlessly after completion each and every time without User intervention required, apart from providing the files and Clone names.

Enjoy the challenge


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