Registration + More Php Mysql

Registration + More Php Mysql

There is already a registration system with database etc. on my website that you can see there :
faceflow com – on top right, it’s made in flash.

What I need now is a php registration webpage such as faceflow com/registration.php so that people can also register there, and a welcome email would be sent for every new user.

The information for this registration would be the same as on, so they would use the same db/tables/fields etc.

This is 1 step.

The next step is to create registration referral link, every registered people on my website would have a registration link, such as, when people register by this link, it will automatically send a Friend Request to Chicohuman, which is already a system on the website in flash.
So what will be needed is, when someone registers via a registration referral link, is to send his info into the ‘Friend requests’ tables/fields so that ‘Chicohuman’ can receive the friend requests.

The Welcome Email sent to every user who registers would be sent for example 5 minutes after his registration, and would tell him about his referral link such as username)
Of course the welcome email should not be considered spam to mail servers (as much as possible). My reverse DNS is not blacklisted for mail servers.

About the registration, it can be something like this :

Of course we don’t need all these info, but when you press ‘Register’ at the end, it tells you in red at the top what to edit.
For example username must be 15 chars max, letters from a-z, and numbers from 0-9.
The email must have a (at) and a (.) afterwards to be legit…
The birthday would be a drop down menu etc. the usual registration forms afterall.

After the registration people are re-directed to faceflow com

I will provide actual scripts to make the process easier and faster, such as the friend requests php scripts and the required .sql files so you know how to proceed.

Quality job for sure!


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