Php Bb Upgrade / Chat / Color

Php Bb Upgrade / Chat / Color
I have 3 things that need to be done to our existing forum. First an upgrade to the new version, secondly to add some chat code to the top so that only logged in users can see it, and third I need a color change to match the them of our site. Here is what I need in detail:

I currently have a working phpbb forum. I need to upgrade that forum from version 2.0 to 3.0.7 phpbb. I need someone who knows what they are doing and it is very important that I don’t lose any posts images or any data from the existing forum. We also don’t want any accessive downtime as this is a live and active forum.

In addition to this we have a remotely hosted chat program. It is simply some applet code that we post on the forum so users can chat.. But here is what we need. We want that to display at the top of the forum for registered users only. So if someone logs in they will see the chat at the top of the forum. If they are just guests or not logged in then they will not see the chatbox.

I would also like a color scheme to match the website. Right now the forum has our logo and has a few colors that match but we want it to be a black orange and grey theme to match the website colors exactly and also keeping our logo on there.

Please make sure that you backup the forum and take all precautions so that we don’t lose any data. I want all the changes but I don’t want to loose any posts or users or any other data. Please do not bid on this unless you are expert. I do not want beginners. I would also like if you have msn messenger so that I can easily communicate with you if needed.

Thanks, 🙂

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