Fix Errors On Phpfox.

Fix Errors On Phpfox.
I need a phpfox expert to fix some errors I have on the script.

Some plugins was installed by a programmer then uninstalled because it did not work, mow the ajax on the comments do not work, you cannot see friends list when you click on it. It will only work with the debug mode set “on”,not off. I dont know how he did it. but now my site is not fully functional. For the comments it refreshes the whole page instead of using the ajax function. I just need it fixed.

My secound option is I do have a database mysql back up, only thing is if I restore the site, I will lose some members, is there a way to save my latest members “if” I can restore, I would need some one who can also assist in doing so.

I will list what was installed.

1. Web badges( unstalled)
2. pet mod(unstalled)
3. tool tip(unstalled)
4. e- store (working)
5. Gift store (working)
6user progress bar (working)

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