Employee File Upload Software

Employee File Upload Software
I own a design firm. Looking for software where employees upload files for Admin approval.

1. Admin creates project and assigns employee task.
2. Employee uploads files for approval to admin.
3. Admin either rejects or accepts employee file upload.
4. Admin can add notes for either acceptance or denial.
5. Submission displays as pending or approved in employees profile.
6. Employee can resubmit as many times as they want until project is accepted.
6. Upon approval Admin can release payment to employee via paypal
7. History of jobs is saved in Employee profile.
8. Admin can then forward approved work for client approval.

I have NEVER had any luck getting custom made software designed for me. They take longer than needed and never complete project. Please use an EXISTING script that I will purchase for you customize for me.

Please reference script in my private box.

No generic bids please. Either you can do this job or not. Thanks again.

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