Youtube Comments Post

Youtube Comments Post

I’m looking for software to be written for a comprehensive comment campaign, and makes finding new videos to post on easy, thanks to the ability to search for videos to post on by Keyword, then define how to sort the results (by View Count, Date Published, Relevance, Rating) and then select how many videos you want to post on per keyword from that list of results.

Ideally, this should work with the following sites to post comments onto:

YouTube. com
XTube. com
Revver. com
Disclose. tv
MetaCafe. com
and maybe others…

The software should also have need a license key, valid for a defined period of time, to activate – Maybe 1 year and then after the program should terminate unless the key is renewed…A trial maybe able to be built in for users to evaluate the software with a link to a website where they can purchase the key…


* Supports use of multiple Youtube Accounts – You add the username and password for the accounts and posting is random from these accounts:
* Ability to select which videos to post to – Add the number of the video or keyword to use to search for videos
* Ability to post on videos by Keyword (View Count, Published, Rating, Relevance)
* Supports use of multi proxies
* Ability to use multiple comments (to avoid spam detection)
* Start & Stop the software with the click of a button
* Real time reporting (see the status of your comments posting in real time)
* Ability to export results to clipboard

System Requirements:

* Windows 7 (32bit & 64bit), Vista and XP
* Java
This should be able to run on a PC or set up on a server and run from there – This working with CRONS so it works automatically…

How it Needs To Work:

1. Youtube Accounts:

This is where you select your document that contains the login details for your youtube accounts. This should be a plain text document, with one account per line in the following format:

You should be able to add as many accounts as you like. The more accounts you have, the more comments you can post in one cycle. To avoid the spam-bot on youtube, the software should only posts 2 comments per account, then “sleeps” for 10 minutes, then posts another 2 comments per account, then “sleeps” again for 10 minutes, it will continue this cycle until it has commented on every video you specified – This length of time should be able to be defined in the SET UP or ADMIN area for the software…Any errors should be recorded in a report…

2. Custom Videos:

If you want to supply the software with specific videos to post on (rather than use the keyword search), then this is where you input those links. This should be a plain text document, again with just one video ID per line. DON’T enter the full URL, just the video ID.
e.g. “F_UxLEqd074” NOT “”

3. Proxy:

If you want to use a proxy then enter them here. Please note there is no need to use a proxy, the script works fine without it.


This is where you type the comments you want the software to post for you. One comment per line, enter as many as you like!

BUTTONS on the software should do the following:
– Start: Press this button to begin the comment posting process
– Stop: Press this button to stop the current comment posting operation
– Copy to Clipboard: Copies the contents of the Status box to the clipboard
– Clear: Clears all of the fields in the program
– Exit: Exits the software

Limits & Restrictions:

There are no limits as such to the number of comments you can post using this software, but there are some restrictions (they are necessary to keep the software working, without them all of your comments would be marked as spam, deleted and then your youtube accounts banned!).

An example of the posting is as follows: Post 2 comments per Youtube account every 10 minutes. So, lets say for example you have 25 youtube accounts, this will allow you to post 50 comments before the software needs to “Sleep” for 10 minutes.

So, here’s an example of the restriction coming into effect:

You have 25 youtube accounts, and you have supplied 75 Youtube Video ID’s for the software to post comments on. So thats 75 comments that need to be posted, using 25 accounts.

The software will post 2 comments per account, so 2 x 25 accounts = 50 comments. It will then sleep for 10 minutes, then continue to post the following and final 25 comments. Once it’s completed them final 25 comments it will give you a “Posting Successful” message, and then you can run it again by clicking the “Start” button.

So basically, in 10 minutes you can post 2 x the number of youtube accounts you have.

10 accounts – 20 comments every 10 minutes
50 accounts – 100 comments every 10 minutes
250 accounts – 500 comments every 10 minutes

Comment Spinning:

There should be a provision for a ‘comment spinning’ feature in this tool…where you can add permutations using the brackets, for

Placing a bar inside the area such as {word1|word2} tells the software to select at random one of the inside words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs or even whole article variations!

This is a recursive activity so it can be used on as many levels as you wish.

Such that {The dog ran {fast|slow} to the {mall|store}|The dog drove the {car|truck} to the {mall|store|shopping center}} will choose either the first or the second sentence then continue inside that sentence and parse the inside content.

I can provide details of another piece of software that does this…
There will be an ongoing requirement to expand this tool to add further features as needed…

PLEASE indicate what this would cost and how long it would take to complete…

PLEASE only bid if you fully understand this requirement and have experience in this field…

Many thanks in advance for your interest…

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