Javascript Or Iframe Widget

Javascript Or Iframe Widget
Before bidding, please message me whether you feel this project is possible:

1) A real estate data service provider has a page that has a Google Map with a fixed width and height defined by CSS. The map displays property listing locations as thumbtacks.

2) I need a Javascript widget or HTML iframe built to display that map on another site. Due to the originating site’s firewall, it may be necessary to use an iframe rather than Javascript, but I am not an expert on that. I would prefer Javascript, but you can use any combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make it happen.

3) There should be a place to specify some parameters:
– map width
– map height
– border size
– border color
– whether to display Price, Bedroom, and Bathroom criteria above the map, below the map, or overlaid on the map as show in the example image.
– other settings that you may feel necessary

4) Currently, real estate listing links (shown as Google thumbtacks) on the map expand into thumbnails of the property when clicked on. The thumbnail bubble then has links to the detail page for the property. It is important that clicking the thumbtack stays within the iframe, but clicking the detail page links opens in the parent browser window. See attached image.

If the project requirements are technically possible, then please bid. If the project is not possible, please let me know.


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