Os:commerce Modifications

Os:commerce Modifications
Subject is the project www.1000slides.com

need following modifications:

1. need to change sort order (left in categories it starts with bundle pack but it should start with sky.blue and end with bundle.pack)
2. need to adjust FAQ test, bigger font size and a matching blue instead of the green headlines but it don’t works to change in backend?
3. need to write two sentences in front of the contact form.
4. Geschäftsbedingungen (english: terms & conditions) link should link to the “AGB” content.
5. privacy policy link is also in german version the english content, where can I create a german version?
6. below product description there is the grey box with the headline “user which bought this products have also bought…” – need to change text of this headline.
7. need to adjust product description because its absolutely different in different browsers – please see attachment how it should looks like cross-browser.
8. bottom left image (pp versions…) shouldn’t be clickable

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