Funeral Obituary Page

Funeral Obituary Page
Have a funeral home website completed and I need to have a sub-domain for the obituaries. I need a page using php working from a sql database that will show the most recent obits (based upon time posted) and the ability to sort and view a listing all by date or last name. Clicking the name will navigate to that individual’s funeral services info. The individual page will show picture (or default graphic for when there isn’t any picture in database), a text area (for bio, obit, service info) and finally a form that will be generated for each page in which all emails go to the same email address but the subject line would be a variable using the deceased name. A similar example of what I’m after is here:

Need mySql database created, php page (already have an html designed), a page to upload new obits would be nice but not necessary as I could use sql admin.

Database would be simple single table allowing a unique ID, last name, first name, m.i., post date, death date, birth date, text area for visitation and obit information…similarly as seen in the url example above.

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