Cust. Manage – Billing System

Cust. Manage – Billing System

We would like to have a customer management/billing system.

We need to be able to enter in a phone number and/or a business name and be able to pull up the information about that business if the business is listed in our database.

Admin needs:
1) current subscriptions
2) Create notes and retrieve notes about an account
3) Send invoices via CRON jobs (sent out every 30 days) with options to send reminder notices from admin
4) Show current accounts, past due accounts (accounts 30 days or more past due) and new accounts
5) Able to credit and debit accounts
6) Able to take payments via phone, check etc via admin section
7) View and respond to user trouble tckets
8) Send emails/newsletters to all accounts or choose one specific account to send email to

User End:
1) Login to account and view account status, current products, amounts still owed on account past payments, credits etc.
2) Purchase add on products
3) Make payments via PayPal, etc.
4) Send trouble tickets to admin

I did see a licensed script at for $60 but we need to own the license to this script.

Only serious programmers bid.

We will escrow 1/3 down before project starts. and 2/3 when project is completed. This is due to people bidding taking the money and never completing a project.

Michael Parente

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