Web Scraper Script

Web Scraper Script
I require a quick script that can can comb through a website and aggregate names, addresses, phone number company info and emails for each person listed and output them into a CSV file.

Below is the description of the csv file

CSV format the numbers in parentheses indicate the maximum characters a field accepts
Field names must appear in the columns

Field Name Data Type

First Name Text(40)
Last Name Text(80)
Company Text(255)
Address text (address)
Website url(255)

These three fields are currently not necessary but will be used for a future website

Annual Revenue Currency(18, 0)
No. of Employees Number(8, 0)
Industry Number (8,0)

I must test the script before payment is sent and have attached a sample html page that resembles what I need scraped.
I would need to be able to run the script myself.

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