Find A Shop For Magento

Find A Shop For Magento
Like the Chained Ajax stuff, with drop down boxes based upon previous data select. Something like these:

Where would have drop-downs start with:

1. Display Drop Down with choice of 1 of 2 Companies (domain1 and domain222)

2. Drop down for Geographic selection 1 of 5 available. Then the results within each of the 5 have a similar but different path with each. Like with the US code, the next would be STATES drop down while the Canada would be the PROVINCES drop down. The EU layout is slightly different with UK (see below). Then Optional Search Window for Shop Name

The results would display a tad different also as mailing layout varies with different places in the world. 3 Column layout with below data: Shop Name, Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip/Postal, Phone, Fax, Website, Info, and display lines sold (all MySQL Fields).

Results would be sorted and displayed 10 per page with pagination controls at bottom (i.e. << Prev Next >> )

Would need to work with major browsers and need ASAP. Don’t need Magento Admin access for created/edited store locations, will do that within phpmyAdmin, just the front end code.

See attached HTML for layout by Region.

Price Option A: Drop Downs for Shop Names (no search)
Price Option B: Drop Downs with a blank fields for ‘shop name’ search

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