Joomla Community Builder Code

Joomla Community Builder Code
Have a Joomla Community Builder custom field and need some code to display it within a page as a link. I’m sure this is an easy find, I just can’t find it. I have a CB custom field I want to display just below the Joomla Username. Have that one figure out:

$user =& JFactory::getUser();
if (!$user->guest) {
  echo ” . $user->username . ”;

But then I need to call a custom CB user field and kind of hide it with 6 random numbers before and after the result with a link so it looks like this:

where the 999999 is the cb_credit field and the 121212 is the 6 random before and the 343434 is the 6 random after.

Of course the random numbers would be diff every time page loads. Trying to kind of hid the cb_credit number in the middle.


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