Magento Website Help

Magento Website Help

I have this website :

I would like it to look closely like this :

Main issues:

1. I do not like the color of my present website and I would like to change it to something light and blue like the sample given.

2. I would like to have the header of my website removed as it serves no real purpose and it will make more space for advertising. I would love to have it look like the sample given.

3. I want some flash advertising on the home page like the sample given.

4. The border on the left of my website is too wide. I would like to have it narrowed to increase space.

5. There are two huge spaces between the banner ad and the footer. I would like to have this space reduced.

6. I do not like the placeholders for the categories and search box and the category products. I would like my products to be displayed as the ones in the sample.

I hope anyone can help as I need to have it launched by May 30th


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