Issuu Clone

Issuu Clone
I want a document management sharing system like or with multilanguage (Hebrew,Arabic,Russian or English)

You will not use any api from scribd or issuu for this project, you will write your own api so our system will run standalone in any time and not be relayed on any other service.

You can convert just about any major document format , including Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, OpenOffice documents, and PostScript files. Supported formats include:
• Adobe PDF (.pdf)
• Adobe PostScript (.ps)
• Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
• Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps, .pptx, .ppsx)
• Microsoft Excel (.xls, xlsx)
• OpenOffice Text Document (.odt, .sxw)
• OpenOffice Presentation Document (.odp, .sxi)
• OpenOffice Spreadsheet (.ods, .sxc)
• All OpenDocument formats
• Plain text (.txt)
• Rich text format (.rtf)

ADMIN can create the themes of the flash player and create new themes from the admin panel by a simple wizard. And upload ne BG pictures that will automatically stretch of duplicate by choice of the admin. Admin can fully customize buttons logos colors ETC…

Admin can define which themes are public themes for free users to choose from when the upload a new doc. And which are for pro members.

The Flash viewer Application (like issuu viewer with all of the features,zoom,send to a friend ,download,full screen,print,search will support Hebrew,Russian,Arabic,English. etc)

2 member plans free & pro, the admin panel will have an option to add more “pro” plans and change the quota of the bandwidth of each plan.

NOTE: Only experts are invited. No time wasters please. Need you detailed project plan, how you move with this project and Our Maximum budget is $10,000.

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