Website Replicator & Team Site

Website Replicator & Team Site
I’m looking to get a team site built I’ll try to be specific in my requirements and what I would want it to do.

1. Ability to easily replicate sites with the members being able to add their own videos, pictures and change pages around. Can use pre built scripts to make it this easier if needed.

2. Member training backend login which will be pretty much laid out with training and different tabs/menus for being able to go through the training as well as getting their sites replicated.

3. Checkout tied to the replicated portion so that when someone purchases the system they will be able to be charged a set fee based on plans we set.

4. Admin area to manage all these different sections.

5. Member admin area would have a contact manager built in as well again putting a pre-built one would probably make the most sense here to keep time down in building this.

6. on the capture pages were we collect the name, email, phone we will tie this into aweber and then they have the ability to send the data back to us I would then want to capture that and plug it into the contact manager.

We would want someone who has good coding skills and good work ethics to get this project done. I’m looking for a longer term coder one I can rely on to get in touch and communicate above all. You can send me an PM for more details if you need it. This is a jist of the basic layout we already have the website for replication already done. Mainly the building of the replicator, site signup, backend customer experience and ability to tie into aweber aswell as have team training pages.

Any graphics to the websites or layouts I have someone to do that and work directly with you. I’m wanting to start asap on this project and need to get basics up quickly within 2-4 days and add features as we go along but if we can get the basic framework up and then add the remaining over a few days that would be great.

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