Website Build

Website Build
Create a website for a ministry, with links to Facebook, Myspace and twitter. Current information can be found through those specific web sites.

Site should have the ability for users to be added to a mailing list, a blog needs to be built into the site. And a photo gallery so that the ministry can upload their photo’s from past events to any current events they encounter.

Would be interested if site can be built through wordpress.

Site should be optimized from scratch so future SEO will not be needed as the blog would take of that information.

** This is a small overview of the Ministry to get a feel of what to design**
Nation to Nation Ministries looks to help families and individuals who have lost hope and can’t seem to live under their own strength. For those who come from prison, jail, the streets, poverty, or hopeless situations; we provide hope and show them a new way. That with the power of God in their lives they can rebuild their families, jobs, and relationships to live with a purpose. In doing so, we strive to establish a center for discipleship that will prepare men and women to become ministers, pastors, evangelists, and missionaries to build church’s across the nation and worldwide. Our main mission is to use the gifts the Lord has provided us with to give back into his kingdom by loving one another and spreading his word.

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