Troubleshoot Email In Php App.

Troubleshoot Email In Php App.
Hello scriptlancers,

I have a PHP script and sends out a welcome email when members register. It has stopped sending out emails after I implemented a change.

Below is the description of the change I made:

Because the script’s registration welcome emails sent by my mail server often land in SPAM folder. So I have decided to use smtp service from and integrate into my server’s exim mail agent.

I set up AuthSMTP correctly in Exim on my server(my server uses Exim as mail agent). I’m able to send emails out from my server using Horde, Squirrel, etc.

But in the script, welcome emails are NOT sent out anymore after I made the change.

I would like the script to be able to send out emails like before. However, I’d like to keep the changes I made.

Need your help asap. Must be able to chat.


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