Paid Subscriptions With Joomla

Paid Subscriptions With Joomla

I’m working on website with joomla and i need to introduce paid subscriptions.
That’s how it should work.

Registration process:
When visitor goes to registration page first of all he has to choose category from dropdown menu ( there will be 10 categories max. Categories like: music tutors, music bars, music entertainers etc). Next, visitor has to choose country( for this job there will be just UK) Then from drop down menu visitor has to choose part of UK like Scotland, England ect. and according to the part of UK visitor chose he has to choose city/town. After he fills the rest of the details and submits it visitor should receive an email with a link to confirm his application. In confirmation page there should be membership options according to category he chosen. There should be 3 different options for gold, silver and bronze memberships. Payment options should be credit/debit cards and paypal. As well the length of membership should be offered for 1,3,6,12 months.
If visitors choose gold membership their profiles should be listed first in profile listing, silver memberships should be listed after gold members and bronze members should be listed below silver members. As well according to memberships their profiles will be little bit different like different photo size number of words allowed etc.

Now if I was someone who is looking for music bars I’d choose ‘music bars’ from menu. In ‘music bars’ page there should be list of UK countries like England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and according to which UK country I choose drop down menu should appear with cities and towns relevant to UK country chosen.

Let’s say I choose England then from cities dropdown menu I choose London and it takes me to profile listing of music bars in London. All that list of music bars should be sorted according to memberships, as I’ve explained above.

Renew and upgrade options should be on members profiles.

When membership is due to end a remainder email should be sent with link to renew it.

I need this website to be done in joomla and preferably community builder. Subscription extention doesn’t matter as long as the job is done.


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