Adjust My Php Form

Adjust My Php Form
I am in need of an experienced local PHP programmer.

I am promoting my website on Google Ad Words, and I have a site with a php form that sends name, email adress and phone number to my email adress. I also want to be able to the capture a subid (unique number or cookie) of each visitor and then send that information to me with that form, so I can track leads and which keywords the person used to find me .

Example for you:

I have a local plumbing ad, someone clicks on my Google ad, goes to my site read information about me, then goes to the PHP contact form and sends his information to me. I want to be able to track with a cookie or some sort of number system what keywords people are using to find me on Google. I need to be able to track what Google searches result in a lead.

Please email me back with questions and/or your quote to do this. I await your response.


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