Now Experienced Coders

Now Experienced Coders
The first qualified person can get this done in 3 days gets the project. First person who is qualified and accepts the project wins.

This is for an existing Joomla website:

I need a system where members can purchase credits and use them to buy time to view a webcam. Once the points are all used up the webcam automatically stops playing. I will need the webcam setup as well. The software for the webcam is already installed. It simply needs to be configured. Lastly, I need the payment system to be set up using Zombaio as the gateway. Here are the remaining details:

1 . I need 3 tip buttons: $1, $5, $10

2. No tip buttons for private rooms. Only a button that directs them to a private page so they can schedule one.

3. If they try to tip and dont have enough credits, they need something that tells them they need to buy more credits.

4. In the web cam software, the user needs to be able to chat with the person on the webcam, but not hear them.

5. If the webcam is not online and they try to access the page, it needs to redirect them to the schedule page.

6. Only members can access this page. No guests.

7. They need the ability to increase the size of the chat 2 x, but if they increase the size, they still need a text box. The chat room:
size of video feed box: 3″ X 3″
size of text chat box: 4″ X 4″

Basically, I need a webcam set up for the site administrator, a “pay-per-credit” system, and I need the credits to automatically withdrawal in relation to how long they watch the webcam. When they run out of credits, the cam will shut them off until they pay for more credits. I also need tips buttons in case the customer wants to tip. The payment processor will be Zombaio and, therefore, the webcam software will need to work directly with this processor.

If you can do this lets get started. Also, I have a lot more projects after this.

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