Php Shop Modification

Php Shop Modification
PHP online shop – Add new function & modification.

We need some experienced developer to help us to modify and add up functions onto our website which is based on code using PHP online shop.

For example on links where you can tries. You should lookup the sample to get an idea of the work involved.

1. When upload products images from admin control panel images has to be create two different size thumbnails depending on size of image are upload from each time.

ex) upload 600 x 794 image should create thumbnail 250 x 331 image
ex) upload 794 x 600 image should create thumbnail 331 x 250 image

At this time only 1 thumbnail side is working.

And remove Price Setting, Color & Size Setting, Shipping Specifications, Option Setting section. From Add Product page & Edit Page

2. Product images needs to display 2 different size images at the each category area.

If we have images size of 160 x 120 or 120 x 160 it must display accordingly. this image has to display size of 331 x 250 not 250 x 331 like this style with bigger size will display at the product detail page.

Remember QUICK SHOP need to work as well display the collect size of image each different product.

3. Each category dropdown menu has to be modifying with By Mfg (item_make), By Origin (item_orgin).

4. For product detail page – Remove the Color, Size, Qty section it does not have to be display.

But I want to display Mfg, Origin and other…
Also modify Add to Cart to E-mail for Quote

Example) when you go to this URL click the E-mail for Quote than this page will show up
I need to have same form & function with product image need to send together.
When user login than Contact information should display automatically. If not login than it should show all empty field.
Remember QUICK SHOP need to work as well. Modify Add to Bag to E-mail for Quote. Add link to go to product detail page.

5. Add to wish list should work.
When user login saved Items should display with Select. Photo, Products Info, Mfg, Date, Delete Only thing has to be modify remove Size, Color, Price, Qty than add Mfg.

And for Select check box is selected than Request Quote instead Add to cart. using same form as E-mail for Quote form above.

Above the work should finish ASAP with NO ERROR MESSAGE.

If you have done a project like this before, please provide me with a sample of your work.

The budget is very tight and we will choose the bidder who can do it for the best price with shortest delivery time.

My website using PHP & MySQL.

Pleas help. It is very urgent.

Looking to get this done right away.


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