Children Park Web Design

Children Park Web Design
I need urgently a web design for a site of a children park. The park is a small place with different kind of attractions (small funfair rides) and activities for children.

The design has to be done in HTML + CSS. Usage of flash is possible, but the site MUST be compatible with ASP.NET backend!

I need:

– Welcome screen: a very attractive and nice page that serves as entry point to the site.
– Main page: a page that includes a nice and graphical menu from where the visitor can access different sections of the site.
– Sections:
— News / “Today in the park” page: small news / promotions section
— Information: about the park (attractions, services, etc)
— Prices (food, services, birthdays, etc)
— Attractions – details about the “rides”
— Pictures – gallery of birthday pictures

– Small link at the bottom of the page:
— Company
— Contact
— Terms and conditions

The project has to be done very quickly because of a big failure of hired designer. If you are interested, send me a private message and I will give you what the previous designer made and the contractor called failure.

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