Php Trouble Smarty Expert Pro

Php Trouble Smarty Expert Pro
1. fix why state and txn_id not inserting at registration
2. fix why it doesnt email activation code and welcome email from template /published/SC/html/scripts/templates/email/register_successful.txt .. i know its creating the activation code and inserting it into customer table but not emailing to them
3. make sure after activation code is emailed it works and activates properly and they can login…
4. thre is an error becaue of multiple items…probably monthly payment is being added right
5. make sure orders is being updated properly at successful payment so users can view orders in history with txn_id inserted with it .. …
6. make sure shopping cart clears after payment

as discussed some of this is easy some is harder …it shoudnt take longer than 5-8 hours

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