Fix My Simple Webform

Fix My Simple Webform
This is a very fast and simple job for someone that knows what they’re doing. Here’s what I need. Please go to this website and scroll all the way to the bottom:

See the form? Well it’s configured to work with a sendmail PHP script, but my client (the girl on the site) chose to use godaddy as her web host, and my script doesn’t work on there. They are using some other kind of form mailer script, and I don’t have time to figure out how to integrate their script with my form.

I just need you to read over this simple webpage here:
(scroll down and click on “webformmailer.php” for instructions on how to use it)

So that’s it. Just integrate their code into my HTML form and send me the code to copy and paste onto my site. Simple. Set the form to a dummy email address, and I’ll change it myself.


#1 – I need this job done right now.

#2 – I do not accept bids from people who just copy and paste their generic info into a PMB. If you don’t directly talk about my job, I won’t even consider your bid, so please make sure you address my specific needs.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you.


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