Website Content & Accomodati 2

Website Content & Accomodati 2
We need you to help us create our corporate website. We already have a logo and template with all the .psd files.

The website is located here http.//

So what is your job actually?

Your main job would be replacing all of the default texts, images and links with ours and changing the layout of pages to accommodate our content, if needed.
We will give some basic info on our company, services we do, projects we’ve done and are working on etc. We will give you only basic infos and your job will be to create enough content to fill out all pages on the website.

It is important to keep everything nice, clean and good looking like on the demo template.
You will need to know flash because you will be inserting the content to the website and also changing the layout structure because for example i will want google maps screenshot showing our location on the contact page.

You also need to to insert our logo into the design.

Please reply only if you have both writing and flash design skills!

Thank you

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