Minor Fixes To Articlems

Minor Fixes To Articlems
Looking for someone who can do some minor revisions for me to an installation of ArticleMS (an article directory script). Have

We played around with the variables for several hours, and it does not seem to store the data the I type in. Probably a very easy fix for someone who knows what they are doing with Article MS.

a) Add 8 more variables to the author’s profile. Have these variables show up on the My Account input page, and of course on the author’s user profile page.

b) I want an Avatar to show up at the bottom of each article in a section for “About the Author”. (Similar type of problem as above, they simply do not show up even though I can see them in the Author’s profile section).

c) On the main page that shows all of the various categories of articles, we want the system to divide the total categories by three, and then make three equal columns that list the categories of articles.

Please do not bid if you have not used ArticleMS before.

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