Rokquickcart (joomla)

Rokquickcart (joomla)
I need some help with RokQuickCart.
The demo for extension can be viewed here:

It seams to be a good cart but I look that it only works with paypal and Googlecheck out. I really want something that will allow the user to make the transaction within my page without having to leave the website. I know Paypal Offers Website Payments Pro which allows payments to be processed directly on the site instead of the paypalsite. Will the integration that you will do allow me to make the payments withing my website using RokQuickCart.
please let me know if any one can do it
and what will be the cost?

Also,I will need to integrate this with FBA (fulfillment by amazon) I have been told this is possible with API. So that every time someones completes a payment in my paypal account it sends a confirmation to Fulfillment by amazon so they can ship the product.

Also, Please note that i would need the updated extension file which can be directly installed through joomla install

Preference would be given to those who have extensive experience in working with this extension

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