Small Online Finance Database

Small Online Finance Database
Hello all,

I have a small finance business where I provide short term loans to customers. I have approx 100 customers and was previously keeping record of everything on excel but would now like to upgrade and have a database online.

I employ 2 agents to help with debt repayment so they would also need log in access.


1. Master login to add payments/cash given out on behalf of agents
2. upload cvs for payments/cash given out
3. Agent reports (forcasted collections against actual collections)
4. Add/Remove/Edit Agents
5. add/remove/edit new customers
6. view customer specific reports with graphs (weekly, monthly, end of year, to date)
7. front page dashboard showing total existing customers, how many debtors over one month old, total cash to bank, total payments,total cash given out)
8. Agent (restricted) login access to add payments/cash given out
9. one click backup of financial year, and refresh database for start of new year
10. report to monitor performance against same time previous year.

There will obviously be a few extra things along the way so if we can agree on a fair price to get started i’m happy to negotiate extras, and will of course be happy to pay for regular database maintenance.

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