Website Fixes

Website Fixes
I am looking to make some changes to my website. I need everything on the left hand side in the OUR SHOP column in that section needs to be centered in that section. In the Eshop Plazza Message Box I want : Save up to 30% this month on all products! Offer Ends Soon! Big Deals on Sonicview Recievers!!!

Please create a design that corresponds with the website in that Message Box. Include a picture of a Sonicview 360 Elte satellite receiver. Make sure the picture fits nicely in the message box.

Under the user acct/Paypal, make sure users have easy access to their accounts and make sure it is properly functional. Also make sure paypal works with website and is a payment option to users that is functional.

For the pricing of recievers I am selling, I am not charging shipping. I am having a hard time getting that to show on my website. Here are my prices for current products:

Sonicview 360 premier w/iHUB: 129.99
Sonicview 360 Elite w/iHUB: 159.99
Sonicview 8000HD w/iHUB: 254.99
iHUB Dongle: 59.99
Viewsat Ultra Lite: 99.99
Viewsat Ultra: 134.99
Viewsat Pro PVR: 169.99
Viewsat Max HD: 309.99
Viewsat Max 8psk: 94.99
Nfusion Solarius: 164:99
Captive Works 650 89.99
Captive Works 700 99.99
Captive Works 800 129.99
Coolsat 6100: 119.99
Coolsat 7100: 134.99
Pansat 3500 159.99
Pansat 250sm 134.99
Pansat 9200HD: 359.99
Pansat 4500 PVR: 149.99

Dish Pro 500: 74.99
Dual Circ LNB: 29.99
Dish Pro 1000: 84.99

Also include the new iHUB Dongle for 69.99. I have Three ads advertising the sonicview 360 premier, 360 elite, and 8000HD. They each have large prices showing on the recievers. I need redesigned ads but keep the wording that is already there, but with a new design. I also need a new designed logo on the top of my website. Something that is going to represent royalty. It need to to be really good and professional. Aslo with each featured reciever include the iHUB with the Prices given.

I am looking to find someone that is reliable and someone that I can work with for a while. I pay really well so money won’t be a problem. Let me know if you need additional information.

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