Linux Server Administrator

Linux Server Administrator
I am looking for a candidate who can assist me with setting up a Linux server. The task will include installing and setting up a few modules such as GD library, mod re_write function, PHP5, MySql, and Ioncube Loader. After these are install then I will need the script install on the server and correct any errors the configuration might have to run the script. The server will need to have mail server and security setup and configure properly. The server will then need to be optimize to run smoothly. These script has step my step instruction on how to install it. The scripts are written in cakephp and php and is encrypted with IonCube so some knowledge of this will be very help as to troubleshoot if needed. If you know what you are doing then this should not take more than one day turn around.

I will need you to be on messenger so I can follow through these step with you. I will supply the information as we proceed.

The installation of the script will be no more than 30 minute and it does come with a step by step installation PDF.


Thank you for looking.

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