Rate My Friend Site 2

Rate My Friend Site 2

i need a site to rate people.

How it works?

Here is a demo of a german site:
USER: www.wie-findet-ihr-mich.de/68243_Sabine-Kam
Registry: www.wie-findet-ihr-mich.de

1.) A person come to a site and fill out the form (Name, email adress, girl/boy, birthsday, upload a pic).
2.) After that he become a email with a link to confirm the regestration. (that function must be enable and disable)
3.) after the regestration she become a own lin like:
4.) on there link are some question with the answer in a dorpdown menu. the question i can defin in the admin panel. under the photo is a short comment file.
5.) if a user rate the person and sent it… the person will be come a email with the result and the person who has rate he will linked to a rigestration page.

I hope you understand me 😉

Please understand to make a design a little bit like that:

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