Flash Mp3 Player

Flash Mp3 Player
I’d like an MP3 player for personal use. I’d need similar functionality to http://activeden.net/item/dynamic-xml-mp3-player/51717 (I’ve bought that script so you can have & use the source).

Required changes:
*a MySQL backend to store the artist/album/song info (preferably through PHP). I’m a PHP programmer myself so I might be able to help out if needed
*before showing the album view it should show an artist list. So first I’d have to select an artist and then it’d show the artist’s albums in the same way the linked script works (but dynamically loaded from the database instead of an xml file).

If you know of a way to cache the MP3 songs so they’re not downloaded/streamed on every play that would be awesome, but if that’s impossible or too much work you can leave it out

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