Php Code Decryption

Php Code Decryption
I purchased a small script that is protected by encryption. It’s a PHP script and the encrypted portion of it starts out with “eval(gzinflate(base64_decode(‘”

I sent an e-mail to the sell from whom I purchased it, asking for an unencrypted copy but he’s not the author. The encryption and the rights that come with the script clearly state that it’s for personal use only and not to be redistributed.

Well, I have absolutely no interest in re-distributing the script! I want to use it but I DO want to know what makes it tick (work)!

Can an encrypted script be decrypted and still work? I did NOT attach the script to this project as I do not wish to ‘distribute’ it as the license says. If a prgrammer thinks that he/she can do this, I will provide a download link.

Two things:

This is a description of what the script does:

The script comes in the form of an ‘EXE’ whereas you fill out the form and the script is ‘generated’ with the variables you included in the form. Well, I did that, just to get the script out of the exe. It’s really small (2k) in size.

Please PM me with any questions you may have.

Thank you.

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