News And Trading Site

News And Trading Site
Please see attached.

Phase 1 – News Portal
Custom startpage like (this will be referred to as MyWeb going forward) with all the features and functionality on there.

Changes to above:

“Add content” button should open with the following options not the ones on MyWeb: Search, Add RSS feed, News Directory, Add Widget, Widget Directory.

Search: have a search box where users can search across the news directory and widget directory to find content that they may want to add. Just a simple keyword search to search across feed title, feed source etc. present search results in a list with “add” button next to each result. Ussers can press add to add to their page.

Add RSS Feed: should be the same as the “add a feed” button where users can simply enter the url of any RSS feed to add it to their page.

News Directory: is basically the same thing as the “feed directory” where users will see a tree structure of feeds contained within various categories. Admin should have the ability to manage list of feeds and categories. This should be able to have up to 1000+ RSS feeds and be scalable to add more if required.

Add Widget: ability for users to add any online widget to custom startpage by entering the widget source code. To see an example of this please go to, select add content, then essential widget, then on the third page of widgets you will find one called UWA Module. This UWA Module lets users enter the code to add a widget to their custom page.

Widget Directory: Admin should also have the ability to make a pre determined list of widgets available for users to add. Like the News Directory this should be scalable and be able to handle 100+ widgets.

Enter Page Title Here: This is not required. I will have my company name/logo across the top. You do not need to design this just to provide the space.

Top Menu: should be the same as MyWeb with Search, Settings, Login, Register, Newsletter (details below) and one additional link to “Chartdesk” which should open the online trading system (Phase 2) in a new window.

Page Tabs: Page should open with one preset page (admin to determine which feeds/ widgets this page should have by default). And there should be a tab to “Add Page” to add additional pages. Users should have the ability to add up to 5 page tabs

Tab options: should be the same as MyWeb but the icons should be replaced with about 20 different ones that I will provide.

Feed Options: This should be the same as it is on MyWeb with all the options to change title, colour, view details etc.

Either of the options below will be sufficient:
1. Users should be able to email their custom start page: for example all the rss feeds they have on their startpage as well as their selected widgets should be emailed to them daily (in one email). Users to be able to select time for email delivery and also confirm their timezone.
2. If, above is not possible, users should have the ability to set up a newsletter. Newsletter option to include:
• Select rss feeds from feed directory list or add custom rss feed (up to 10 feeds per newsletter),
• Select article view: headline and article or headline only for each newsletter.
• Select number of articles (5 or 10) per feed
• Confirm email address (should already be populated with users email address)
• Select email delivery time and time zone. Not sure if newsletter systems allow this of if its easier for all newsletters to be sent at one time? I am open to suggestions here

To register users will need to enter the following:
Security code: enter security code (from automatically generated picture of a random code)

There should be automatic email confirmation link sent to users upon completion before user registration is completed. Only after this should users be allowed to login to their account.

Admin account:
Admin should have ability to manage all users profiles, make changes, add, remove etc. Also ability to export/import list of all users. Manage all feeds, widgets, default start page, newsletters etc

Advertising: Admin should have ability to add adverts to news portal as well as newsletter. For newsletters adverts should be placed at the header and footer. For custom startpage adverts should be placed in the footer or between rss feeds in any column (2 adverts max)

Source code: Need to provide full source code and also allow for changes to Header and footer which I can do using dreamweaver.

Phase 2: Trading System
Online trading software exactly like with all the features detailed.

This will be a subscription based service you so need to integrate payment method (paypal or something similar) and provide access to all features only after payment has been confirmed. Users that don’t subscribe should be able to view all the features but only with a hand full of stocks. All the rest should require a subscription.

Menu along top: File, Scan, Brokers, Tools, View & Help should be replaced with the following:

File: As it is with options to search for symbols, create/save/load layout etc
– view/close scrolling ticker or not
– view/close full screen chart
Newsdesk: Should open the news portal (phase 1) in a new browser
Alert: Same as the “alert” button on the next menu down
Subscribe: Should open a new browser with subscription options. 2 types of subscriptions, 1 for web access and an additional for web and mobile access (Phase 4).
Company Name: with sub menus for company overview, contact. Links to be provided. Links to open a new browser.

Second menu: (below scrolling stocks) Stocks, Notes, Profile, Friends & Alerts should be replaced with the following:
Stocks: Should show all the stocks as it is.
Platts: Should show external data (Phase 3)
ICE: to show Intraday Futures Chart from within this panel
Movers & Shakers With tabs for each of the following:
– Sector Summary: to show sector summary from
– Trends – Popular Gainers/Losers similar to google finance
– Price – Gainers/ losers similar to google finance
– Market cap – as above
– Volume – as above

The following features below are on and I would like them on my site:

Exactly as on freestockcharts with ability to view any custom portfolio

Exactly as on freestockcharts with
– ability to have several tabs with different portfolios.
– Ability to have up to 10 portfolios.
– Each portfolio may have up to 40 stocks.
– Price increase should be in green, decrease in red
– Ability to add/remove columns
– Ability to expand/contract panel

– Ability to resize all panels
– Ability to drag chart to expand date range
– Ability to analyse charts with many technical indicators – around 60 available on You can see by pressing the “add indicator” button on chart. More details on technical indicators and source code for .net at (I haven’t tested this one to see if it works or not but there are a number of other sources for the source code for these indicators).
– Ability to add several indicators to one chart
– Ability to change frequency of data on chart: minute, hour, daily monthly etc
– Ability to chart several prices on one graph
– Ability to customise each graph or elements within graph – change/add label/text, change colours etc
– Ability to copy chart as image
– Ability to export data to excel
– Ability to export data with DDE link so previously exported data can be updated
– Change view/ tabbed view buttons

Drawing Tools: As on

LATEST NEWS: This should open the News Directory section (from Phase 1) and users should be able to choose which rss feeds to view within this panel. Or view all news from any news category. Ability to expand/contract panels

For the underlying stock data please use a free source like Yahoo finance, Google finance or something similar. You will need to set this up so its always updated with the latest data.

Phase 3: External Data
Additional Data for online trading software above: Daily pricing data will be provided via FTP or CSV including 3-4 updates daily. A CSV file will be provided with full history to start this off and the daily data needs to be added to this going forward so history builds up.

Data will be made up of several categories (approx 70), Each category may have anything up to 50+ different sets of data. Each set will have a high, low and mid price, as well as date, description, data symbol and 3-4 other fields.

Permission to access data: This entire section needs to be permission based. Admin should have full control of which categories of data a user may have access to. This is a subscription based element but subscriptions will be managed elsewhere. However, Admin needs to be able to monitor when a user was given permission and for which catagories. Admin to control all permissions (by user) and have ability to give access/terminate access at will.

When a user (that doesn’t have permission) clicks Platts a message box should appear with a note “Not Available – To subscribe click here (link to be provided)”. Link should open in new window.

Data search: users should have the ability to search for data using the data symbol or description (exactly the same as File/Search for Symbol/company ) and be presented with a list of options which they can select from. This should search across description and symbol fields

Data visualised in exactly the same format as the Stocks with all the formulas and analysis tools as they are. When a data (price) is selected the chart should update with the price history. Colours should be the same as the stocks with green for increase and red for decrease etc.

For charts: users should be able to enter the code symbol (from this data) to refresh the chart. Similar to changing from one stock chart to another on

The add column button should open up a list of fields that I have for this data. Users should be able to select the ones they want to view in portfolio. And have ability to sort by any folder

Portfolio: Ability to create portfolio from this data (as above). Users should be able to have data from Stocks as well as Platts in one portfolio if required.

This should be extensible and have ability to add more data if required.

Phase 4: Mobile App
Mobile App similar to Bloomberg App for blackberry at

With this app (only available after login and if subscription has been paid) users should be able to view:
– a basic chart similar to the Bloomberg app where users can shoose to view chart by stock code or external data symbol.
– News section where users can pick rss feeds to view
– View portfolio in similar format to the portfolio in freestockcharts. Don’t need all the functionality. Just ability to view

Other details:
I have the domain already and have a business hosting package with This should be sufficient but if it needs to be upgraded or if other features are required then please let me know.

Design – please use CSS files so I can adjust the look and feel. Not sure if this is possible with Silverlight? But definitely for the new portal part.

Source code: I would like the entire source code and full ownership to do as I please. Once completed you can include in your portfolio but should no resell the complete (Phase 2) project as it is. You may not include any reference to your company within any part of this project.

All the above features should be scalable and not limited to just what’s listed above. I would prefer one company that has experience in similar projects and can develop more as my requirements increase. Also, I expect to add more data sources in future so you need to be able to add more options/buttons to above menus (Phase 1 and Phase 2) and integrate more data in future.

Please provide quote for the entire project and expected time to complete. My preference is to have this site launched ASAP.

Extract Yahoo financial data:

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