Ten Articles – Us Writers Only

Ten Articles – Us Writers Only
I need 10 ORIGINAL articles written on Mother’s Day topics. Each article should be at least 500 words and SEO Optimized to the titles that we will assign you.

I am looking writers who grew up in the US with excellent knowledge of US culture, customs, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

THE PROCESS: We will assign you 5-10 articles at a time. At first, pick just one topic and complete it in ONE DAY. We will edit it and publish it, and before you continue writing more, you should read the edited version and any notes sent to you by the editor. Any future articles should take into consideration the edits made on your previous articles.


1. Visit our website to learn about formatting (subtitle, bolding of keyphrases, keyphrase variations, intro paragraph, etc). Register for the site and we will also provide you access to our private writer’s forum.

2. We will assign SEO keyphrases as article titles, and you are to write an article which is SEO optimized to that keyphrase (and occassionally one or two more phrases).

3. Search the internet on the target keywords AND related keywords for content ideas. Your writing must include CREDIBLE information (not your opinion), but do NOT copy or simply paraphrase other people’s work.

4. Write a cohesive organized article using a regular essay format (ie. intro paragraph, 3-5 body paragraphs, conclusion). Write in an informal, upbeat, informative journalistic style and may include creative, descriptive phrasing and appropriate examples.

5. Add some basic SEO formatting:
—Bold the keyphrase in the opening paragraph and 1-3 other times (about half of the occurances) and italicize it once in the article
—Find 4-7 keyphrase variants or derivatives in the article and bold them each once (plurals, possessive, change the order of the words, add words before or after, etc)
—Add bulleting or breaks if needed for lists to maintain graphic flow, etc. of article
—DO NOT alter margins, fonts or colors, etc. The ONLY formatting should be bold, italics, bullets, and paragraph returns.

6. Use CopyScape to verify that your content is 500 words or more in length and 100% original (we will give you access to our copyscape account if you need it)

7. Submit the article via email as a Word or RTF file format.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This is an article contract writing position. All publication AND COPYRIGHTS are retained by us upon payment. When you write for us, you transfer all copyrights to us, and we can use and resell this content as we see fit, including publishing it under any name we choose.

WARNING – If you fail to follow the instructions or your article requires significant grammatical, cultural or factual modifications, we may either reject the work completely and give you no payment and a NEGATIVE review, or pay only 50% of your bid to pay for the editor’s time. We will NOT send it back to you for edits. If there are problems and you want to continue to write for us, you are to examine the final edited work and compare it to your draft, and learn from the changes made by the editor.

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