Create A Web Portal

Create A Web Portal
We are looking for an experienced PHP programmer to assist us in developing a Webportal to be used by people within the medical profession. The Portal will be used by Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, as well as by Hospitals.

Your main involvement will be to program the ‘PHP-connection’ between the MySQL database and the HTML pages. The creation of MySQL Tables and Fields will be our responsibility. Same for the design and global layout of the HTML pages.
We expect you to be fluent in writing SQL queries and be able to handle complex data handling in either SQL or PHP in order to ‘map’ the SQL data to HTML pages.

We require someone who is able to: – understand complex documents and requirements, – deliver professional quality, – program in a way which is understandable by others, – understand the larger scope of things, – work in a timely fashion.

If you are interested in joining us for this long term project, please respond by specifying why you think you are capable of doing this and indicating your experience in projects like this. If you have any experience in the medical area, please indicate so. Replies like “Yes, I can do this.” is not what we expect….

Based on your response (which we expect by Jan 17 at the latest), we will make a short-list of programmers and send the short-list group a detailed description of a first part of the project and invite them to bid.

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