Mma WordPress Joomla Website

Mma WordPress Joomla Website
I need three things done:
1) I need a website moved from host to another
2) I need the google adsense ads and ads to show relevant MMA/UFC (mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting) ads to the material on the website they are not
3) More banners placed throughout the site, such as between every few news feeds and forum posts.
4) Further views and advice to monetize the site more

The website is, I need it moved from my hosting account at to my hosting account at
The site runs of a mixture of wordpress and joomla, so you much be familiar with these, I installed banner tools, and google adsense tools but the ads are not showing relevant ads to the website, which is to the sport of mixed martial arts and the ultimate fighting championship, this is my main concern and can not figure out how to fix it. I also want, once fixed, banners placed throughout the site to generate money, I definetly want some placed between every few news feeds on the wordpress based homepage of the site, and between forum posts in the phpbb forum. I also want any ideas to generate traffic or money or things to add to better the site, such as an other auto updating feeds, maybe a fantasy team game like on or an imbedded XML feed showing betting odds from whatever site allows the feed to look like apart of my site before they start betting and keeps tracking the affiliates you gather. (BETUS maybe, I dunno, research would have to be done). These additions and further details are not of primary concern and may not be included in the price range, but can be done afterwards. Maybe even SEO as well, or other ways to drive traffic.

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