pg 1 – form submission – html will be submited to the admin

pg 2 – instruction and click action button to start the campaign

pg 3 – select your room

pg 4 – within 2 mins the user has to light the room using the light given below

hotspot will be there in the screen when hit target the area get brighter

remaining 5 on the right hand side is the no of hotspot remaining for the user to finish

when user hit target one area the area brighten up and remaining no decreases to 4 3 2 1

timer on the top

pg 5 – tool tip of the light user chooses and below rollover tool tips

pg 6 – when user fininshes the hotspot in 2 mins this message popsup with the name and secs
he completed with remaining top 4.

if not sorry message with the top 5 scores.

may be later – goes to choose your room
spread the message – goes to another page (tell a freind)

pg7 – form submission – html will be send

pg 8 – the enlightenment – take action takes to choose your room

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