Zen-cart Update

Zen-cart Update
Please quote on the following items:
Stage 1
1. Make a header file using the design and style of the attached files (this will probably change later).
2. Change the Page Title to: Moringa’s Hope – Wholesale Supplier of Certified Organic Moringa Leaf Powder, Moringa Oil and Other Moringa Products
3. Change “Meta Keywords” to Moringa, Moringa leaf powder, certified organic Moringa, Moringa oil, Moringa energy products, Moringa energy drink, Moringa tea, Moringa products
4. Change BG file to match other color schemes (see attached original)
5. I need the following menu items:
a. Home
b. About Us
c. What is Moringa?
d. Our Mission
e. Contact Us
f. Blog
g. FAQ
h. Recent News
i. Articles
j. Videos
k. Moringa Products
l. Links
6. Make index.php page with the following copy
Moringa Oleifera has been called “The Miracle Tree” and for good reason. Every part of the tree is edible, nutritious and packed full of nutrients to sustain life. It also contains most all of the essential amino acids that is needed for body development and growth.
At Moringa’s Hope, our desire is to provide not only the nutritional benefits of Moringa, but also to provide a means of education and self-preservation for those who are without hope in many parts of the world.
Moringa can be grown as a food supplement, providing much needed nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids as well as powerful anti-oxidants’ to help fight malnutrition and disease.
The vision of Moringa’s Hope is to help educate and provide an income opportunity for families in developing countries who desire to learn how to grow, harvest and sell at markets worldwide to provide much needed income.

7. Make a nice overall background so that the main site really stands out.

Feel free to resize or redo the header image to fit. This is just a rough draft, so it’s really there more for placement.

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