Coldfusion Programmer Needed

Coldfusion Programmer Needed
Fantasy Football Website

This website should be coded in Coldfusion with a MySQL 5.x. The site will allow users to create accounts in which they can then view reports based on the stored data. The users will purchase the rights to own an account via a PayPal pre-coded button which will be installed at a later time. The site will include 3 forms, one to capture the users new account info, and one that will email one of our experts directly, and a page that allows the owner to enter the players on their team. The site template has already been selected, so the designer will be responsible more for functionality than look and feel. Upon a users registration/sign-in, the home page will then give the user a more custom look based on the information stored in the user table. At this point the user will then be able to look at different reports via PDF’s and results of coded queries. Outside of the a couple of swapped images to give the user a custom feel, an email form and the one time original user info form, the site will be highly static. It will simply allow the user to look over information stored in our database(handled by imbedded queries, sorts), and reports created and uploaded by me.

The query driven pages will display the upcoming week projections and the upcoming year projections for Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker and Team Defense. These results pages must give the user the ability to sort the data by the requested categories. There will be a query page that gives the user an optimal starting lineup by using his players that he has entered and comparing them to the current weeks projections. There will be a query page that displays updated player news based on the players the user has entered as his.

There will be a static page which displays the users picks of the week. These will be entered manually by me.

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