Jquery/css/ajax Coder For Menu

Jquery/css/ajax Coder For Menu
Hello Freelancers,

We are in need of a circular menu using CSS/JQUERY/AJAX coding done to a high quality and professionally.

We were working on a circular related category design menu.

I just noticed that ning.com had *exactly* what I was thinking of doing on their home page! Which is quite astonishing really. Please view the ning.com home page first. This should give you a clear specification immediately.

We have 300 images that relate to 300 exact business categories.
Plus a Database/list of Categories.

So if I choose “Business Services” category for example,
the 8 images that appear on the outside circle will be the top 8 business categories that relate to that, which are in the list as:

3.Recruitment Agencies
4.Management Consultants
6.Graphic Design
7.General Office Services
8.Small Business

So if I click Another image on the Outer Circle it will suggest
8 more related categories in the outer circle and so on.

So the mechanism here is 2 pages.

1st Page – just a search box, we assume for this project
the user has typed in “Business Services”. (one ning it shows top 8 categories and asks you to pick one)

(For this purpose we just assume the first outer circle result is business services, it will change to the nearest category that you type in search box later)

2nd Page – 8 outer images appear in a concentric circle, of 8 related business services. If a user clicks on an image, another set of 8 related categories are found and their images sourced and displayed.

The Mechanism is exactly the same as the ning.com homepage, you
can see exactly what we need there. The principal is identical,
except we only focus on business categories. On ning, they focus
on social networks in that category.

It’s more jquery than css really.

Source files are in Xara Xtreme Pro/jpg/Photoshop.

We don’t need this done very quickly critically in days, but within a few weeks from start. So not at the expense of quality. Time frames can be discussed.

The budget is around $50-$70.

Please submit your proposals and your work plan how and when it will be completed on time!


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