Site Cleanup And Optimization

Site Cleanup And Optimization
Hello, I need a very professional and well rounded programmer to finish the site I have been working on. It is a dynamic site with hundreds of pages but there are only a few template pages that need to be worked on. There are a few issues I have:

– I have several different comment and rating sections on the site and I need pagination to work for all of them.

– My site has a lot of unnecessary code from it being worked on over the years…I will create a backup of the site and I need the programmer to remove all of the excess files and code that aren’t necessary for the site to run, only the essential code should be on the server. Also if their is a more efficient way to do a certain process on the site I need the programmer to recognize this and let me know about it and implement it that way to make the site work faster. Also if the programmer sees that something is not in line on the site, if the design is messed up I need them to automatically recognize this and fix it…

– I want to have improved and SEO friendly URLS, and I want someone who is a professional in SEO to make sure all of my pages are properly done.

– Its important that I have someone who can look over the site and give me suggestions as to how it can be better or how the design could be changed in order to make the site look nicer or function better.

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