College Profile Article Writer

College Profile Article Writer
Looking for Native English Speaker or skilled writer/researcher for 15
profiles of colleges listed at

Quality standards:

Excellent grammar
No typos
Excellent research
Articles must be written in an easy, friendly tone–these will go on blogs.

All articles must have the following structure in their titles: (rotate among these title templates–5 each since there’s 15 articles total)
Applying to (Name of School)
Getting admitted to (Name of school)
(Name of School) Admissions secrets

Each article must be at least 750 words in length and organized in the following manner. Follow the subheadings:

(SCHOOL)’s claim to fame — discuss what makes this school famous. Discuss it’s history. Discuss it’s awards and international acclaim, if any. 100 words minimum

Degree/Research Specialization — discuss the major research or degree emphasis of the school. List them out with a small description. 150 words minimum

Famous alumni — list them out with a small description each 100 words

Review Summary — List summaries/paraphrase of reviews by blogs or newspapers about the school 100 words (needs link to review source for each review item)

Admission Facts — I need the following listed 50 words
Avg GPA to get in
Avg SAT score to get in
Name and Address of Admissions office
Phone number/email/URL of admissions

How to get into (SCHOOL NAME) 250 words
Rewrite existing admissions tips written about getting admitted to this school. Rewrite admission tips the school itself or its alumni post about getting admitted to this school

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