Php Upload Form

Php Upload Form
I need to get this form:

to work. I don’t know how to handle uploads with a form so I need someone else to do it.

The form is what you see if what you get. I just need them to upload a file and their details. When they upload it, I owuld like the file to go into a directory like this:

uploads/**their email**/

obviously **their email** is a variable for their email, so whatever they type in that part of the form will automaitcally create a folder with their email and upload their document to that folder

so it would be like this:
name: sean
email: sean(at)
phone: 555-1212-1212
city: troy
state: NY
THEIR FILE UPLOAD…should only accept doc, docx, txt, etc….no PHP, no EXE, no files that could do any harm

then when they hit submit the form will:
submit thier details via email and create a directory in the uploads folder with their email. So in this exmaple it would create the folder (uploades/sean(at)

(NOTE: Because Scriptlance doesnt let us use the “at” symbol I have replaced it with (at))

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