I need to collect email, name, and about 5-6 fields of survey info. I do not want to use an autoresponder to do this but rather want a form on a webpage (2 webpages actually) to collect this info and write into a .txt file.
Then as people go thru the pages, the optin and survey info is saved in files which I can access at some time in the future. Here’s the details:
Page 1 form fields: name, email
Page 2 form fields: radio buttons showing selection
1. DVD video – $47
2. eBook, Travel Kit – $97
3. eBook, DVD, and Kit – $127

File names: to be date-time-optin.txt, and date-time-survey.txt

I think this can be done in PHP so I am filing under that topic.

Time table is about 3 days.

thx PeteP

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