Rss Ticker With Conf Interface

Rss Ticker With Conf Interface
This ticker will be used as a widget and needs to fill the screen, so no fixed width or height.

The news items should be presented in a horizontal bar with _smooth_ (very important!) text scrolling from right to left.

The news items don’t need to be linked to an article, no interaction is needed. Text should be presented as HTML to parse quotes (“) and other HTML-char’s.

Following should be configurable in a XML settings file:
– Font color
– Font size
– Font weight
– All capitals (boolean)
– Scrolling speed
– Seperator image or character between news items (boolean)
– Seperator image file (.gif/.jpg)
– Seperator image character
– Padding between seperator image/character and news items
– Background image or color (boolean)
– Background image
– Background color
– Padding bottom of news items
– Padding top of news items
– Local or remote RSS feed URL

The XML file should be generated by a web interface (PHP page) so the user easily can configure the ticker. This should have color pickers and a preview.

A PHP proxy script can be used for loading remote RSS.

Ask questions before bidding.

Dragondance and freezingpoint: don’t bother to bid. Only those who are serious on doing the job should bid!

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